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London ACM SIGGRAPH are proud to present a series of talks from Double Negative, MPC and Framestore to bring together London's vast network of R&D professionals. These talks will be spread across three days and each day will have a specific theme.

Monday 15th June – Production Day

  • X-Men Days of Future Past: how we really engineered the Future Sentinels. Presented by Tony Micilotta, Lead R&D Engineer at MPC

  • Jupiter Ascending. Presented by Max Solomon, Animation Supervisor at Framestore

  • Exodus: Animating an Epic. Presented by Stafford Lawrence, Animation Supervisor at Double Negative

Tuesday 16th June - Rendering Day

  • Better, Faster, Cheaper: Integration between Fabric Engine and Pixar Renderman. Presented by Damien Fagnou, Global Head of VFX Operations and Stephane Bertout, Lead R&D Engineer at MPC
  • Into the Wormhole. Presented by Oliver James, Chief Scientist at Double Negative

Wednesday 17th June - FX Day

  • Destruction with MPC's academy award winning KALI system. Presented by Kai Wolter, Lead R&D Engineer at MPC
  • Handling Billions of Points with OpenVDB. Presented by Harry Biddle, R&D Programmer at Double Negative
  • Monitoring Data Access Patterns in Large-Scale Rendering. Presented by Mark Hills, Head of Systems Development at Framestore

We would like to thank Dneg, MPC and Framestore for there involvement and cooperation. A special thank you goes out to Autodesk for sponsoring the event.


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Tech Talks